Steam Generators

SAWO Steam Generator Plus

The STP steam generator is a very powerful and reliable steam unit. The slender body is made entirely of stainless steel, ensuring long lasting strength and durability.

Features include:

  • Temperature sensor
  • Snap-in connection control unit
  • Steam head
  • Autodrain
  • Available in 3kW - 5kW (2 heating elements), 4.5kW - 7.5kW (3 heating elements) and 9kW - 12kW (6 heating elements)

It is important to select a steam gnerator with the correct kilowatt rating based on the size of the steam room. Check the table below to determine correct power requirement of your steam room.

Domestic Unit
Commercial Unit

SAWO Steam Generator Accessories

Aroma Pump

Keep your steam room fresh with SAWO’s aroma pump and essences. Good news! The SAWO Aroma Pump lets you inhale the freshness of garden inside your steam room. The aroma pump carries the aroma to the steam generator that releases the fresh aroma to your steam room. It has been noted that aroma scents has a better effect mentally and physically which has been used by many therapists for improving wellness. SAWO Aroma Pump is a helpful tool on creating a soothing steam room atmosphere. It is very easy to install and use.

Demand Button

The Illuminated Demand Button can be installed inside or outside the steam room with a 10 meter connection wire. Pressing the Demand Button will immediately release extra steam for 30 seconds. The Demand Button turns the steam generator "ON" when it is "OFF" or in "STANDBY" mode.

STP Steam Generator Sensor

All the STP Steam Generators come with a temperature sensor. The STP temperature sensor is covered with a plastic top to protect it. It comes with a 7.5 meter wire so it can be placed conveniently.